Principal’s Introduction

At the College we are very fortunate to benefit from a purpose-built and fully equipped award-winning building. However, I believe that great schools are not made by the buildings they occupy, but by the people who work within them. We are proud at Catmose College to have committed staff and talented, hardworking students whose contributions make our College truly exceptional.

Our primary aim is to encourage each student to become a mature, independently minded individual who has the necessary skills and knowledge to be of value to themselves and society. We know that every student is talented, so our role as educators is to ensure these talents are fully realised. To achieve this, we have high expectations of every student, emphasising the importance of hard work and doing one’s best in every circumstance.

We offer an extensive curriculum both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that every student can develop their existing strengths as well as discover new ones. Our academic courses are complemented and enhanced by an ‘Electives’ programme which encompasses the creative arts, sports, music and drama, with many further opportunities also available in our flourishing extracurricular programme. These experiences offer a sound preparation for our students who go on to higher education, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Academy status gives the College the same freedom that public schools have always enjoyed, predominantly a single-minded focus on the best interest of each and every student – but of course, without the fees.

A visit to experience our outstanding facilities and to meet the staff and our students will leave you in no doubt that this is the right place for your child.

I look forward to welcoming you to our College soon.

Stuart Williams

Beyond the Classroom

We aim to ensure that all students leaving the College can become adults capable of thriving on life’s challenges, so developing skills such as good decision making and taking responsibility are important to us. These skills are not acquired by accident. Students need to be given choices and allowed to make mistakes, then encouraged to learn from the errors they have made.

In order to make new challenges available to students, the College offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities, including a performing arts tour, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, public speaking competitions and educational visits which include, amongst many others, trips to France and Spain, skiing trips, and expeditions to Nepal and Sumatra.

At Catmose College, students are encouraged to develop skills of initiative and leadership; so, throughout a student’s time at College we offer a range of opportunities, including; sports and dance leaders, community volunteers, student councillors and governors, prefects, subject ambassadors and house captains.

Academic Excellence

Our academic programme aims to instil in all students a lifelong love of learning which is achieved by encouraging each student not only to strive for the highest possible academic standard, but also to engage with and enjoy their learning. In the first three years at Catmose College, students follow a core curriculum including Mathematics, English, the Sciences, a Modern Foreign Language, History and Geography. For the last two years students can personalise the course they study, recognising their strengths and interests, and pursuing traditional academic subjects which also include Philosophy and Ethics and Computer Science or choosing from a full range of applied courses including Sport, Business Studies, Food Technology and Product Design. To complement these, we offer a range of expressive and performing arts courses, including Painting and Drawing, Photography, Drama and Music. We have found that these skills and competencies make our students particularly attractive to sixth form providers, universities and employers.

Our curriculum offers both breadth and depth, challenging our students to succeed while creating a framework of support so that they learn from their mistakes and go on to experience the exhilaration of success.

This philosophy and provision has led to the College being recognised nationally for the academic success of our students and the accolade of being graded as Outstanding in all categories by Ofsted.