Our uniform policy is agreed with parents and the Student Council. As a College we believe that uniform promotes a sense of pride and belonging. Our full policy can be read here.

All students are to wear uniform throughout the day from when they leave home to when they return. Students will also normally be expected to wear their uniform on any day trips unless indicated otherwise by the Principal.

Uniform is not a fashion item. It is designed to be both formal and comfortable. If there are any concerns please contact the College.

The overall impression should be that of a well-groomed individual who takes pride in their appearance.

In the case of extreme weather, the Principal has discretion to relax the uniform policy. This will be communicated to students as they arrive at the College. Students should assume that, unless directed otherwise, they should wear their usual uniform each day.






Parents and carers are expected to make sure that their child has the correct uniform and sports kit.

If a student is not conforming to the uniform policy:

  • they will be required to correct the issue;
  • they will be given a verbal warning and a date to correct it by;
  • a letter and/or phone call home will be made;
  • they will be required to work in Client Services or sent home to address the issue.

Please note these are not sequential; any may be applied depending on the circumstances. Incidents will be logged using our behaviour management system.

Client Services should be contacted if parents want to request an amendment to the uniform policy in relation to:

  • a protected characteristic
  • the cost of the uniform