Rutland and District Schools’ Federation ensures that students with SEN are supported in a wide variety of ways at all settings including:

  • The ethos of settings across the Federation is inclusive;
  • Opportunity for support / provision to go on trips;
  • A wide range of intervention strategies are applied through both pastoral and progress monitoring;
  • A robust tutor, class or room teacher system to ensure all students have access to someone they know well and whose parents can access with ease;
  • Termly monitoring of the progress made by students on the SEN register by relevant staff;
  • Implementation of study support for students who would benefit from targeted intervention with a slightly reduced timetable;
  • Students with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) have key workers responsible for all aspects of their provision;
  • Careful deployment of staff to maximise progress.

The following provides an overview of the additional support that may be put in place at the College:

  • Pastoral support plans;
  • Alpha Smart computers;
  • Testing for literacy diagnostic;
  • Specific programmes, including:
    • Number Shark;
    • Literacy Shark;
    • Alpha to Omega;
    • Recognised Speech and Language development programmes;
    • Read, Write, Inc – the complete package;
    • Thinking Skills – Bottom Line programme, Thinking Skills for SEN Learners;
    • Handwriting skills – Right Start;
    • Social Skills Strategies.

Catmose College Designated Special Provision

The College has a Designated Special Provision (DSP) for students with Moderate Learning Difficulty (MLD). Students would normally be offered a place in this provision if they are working at or below National Curriculum Level 1, admission is determined in consultation with Rutland County Council. This provision is not suitable for students whose main need is BESD or ASD. For students placed in the DSP at the College, the following additional support is available on a bespoke basis based on the needs of the child but may include:

  • Access to adult supervision/support during morning break, lunch and after College;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Skills for Life and personal development;
  • Small teaching groups;
  • Access to mainstream lessons as far as possible and on a bespoke basis;
  • Support with transition to post-16 providers;
  • Support with work experience.

Students with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) should apply to the College via their home local authority. Students with Special Educational Needs but without an EHCP should apply in the normal way. The application policy can be read here.

To download the Individual Setting form from the Council please click here. For more information on SEN provision from the Rutland County Council click here. For the agreement between the Local Authority and the College, please click here.

The Accessibility Plan fits within the Federation Health and Safety Policy which can be found here.

If you would like more information about the SEN/DSP provision within Catmose College, please contact either Andrea Sharpe (SENCO for students with an EHCP) on or Rebekah Merrington (SENCO for students with all other SEN needs) on

For information about the SEN provision within Catmose Primary, please contact Rebecca Hall (SENCO) on