The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is about giving as many of our students as possible the opportunity to take part in and experience everything the award has to offer, gaining valuable skills and preparing them for life outside of the academic setting.  

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a balanced and progressive programme of activities for young people. It focuses on individual achievement in which any young person can take part and which everyone can enjoy. It is flexible enough to meet each young person’s enthusiasm and aptitudes whatever their background or ability.

There are three levels of the Award; Bronze, Silver and Gold.  At each level young people choose activities from all three sections –

  • Volunteering
  • Skills
  • Physical
  • There is also the expedition to complete.

Participation in the Award leads to personal development through the acquisition of:

  •  Qualities – Self motivation, commitment, self-awareness, initiative, persistence, self-discipline and responsibility for both themselves and their community.
  • Key Skills – Working with others, communication, problem solving

You can find out more about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award by visiting their website here

Specific information on the Bronze award can be found here, and information regarding the Silver award can be found here.

Useful Information and Downloads

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