Catmose College Careers programme is reviewed annually. We assess the impact of our careers programme on our students by using the COMPASS+ tool three times a year, aligning our strategy with the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks for good Careers provision and analysing student destination data.  Students, staff and parent surveys also capture the impact of the programme.

Overview of our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance provision

We pride ourselves on the careers provision at Catmose College.  We aim to provide every student with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support them with their chosen career aspiration in preparation for adulthood and lifelong career planning/management skills. We provide high quality and bespoke support to all students irrespective of their starting point to support them in making informed career decisions about their future Post-16 options and to fulfil their potential. All students at Catmose College will have access to an extensive CEIAG programme which will enable the students to make links between the skills they have learnt in the classroom and those they will need to use in later life.

Our provision for CEIAG 11-16 includes:

  • Individual careers meetings with a Level 6 qualified careers guidance professional designed to help students realise and fulfil their true potential.
  • The chance for students to meet external providers from colleges, universities and employers to give clear ideas and options of the pathways available to them.
  • Support with their Post-16 applications, CV writing and Interview skills.
  • Take part in extended enrichment activities outside the classroom environment. These are designed to teach students organisational and professional competency skills and to look at current affairs.
  • Students will be given the opportunity work-related learning to compliment their studies to provide further insight into the labour market and support their personal statements.
  • Year 10 World of Work week & Post-16 and Apprenticeship events (meeting representatives from sixth form, colleges and employers offering apprenticeships), where all students can access relevant information about their future pathways into education, training or apprenticeships.
  • Year 11 Post-16 evening, CV workshops & individual career meetings.
  • Employer and alumni career talks.
  • Apprenticeship talks & workshops.
  • Activities during National Careers Week, National Apprenticeships Week, Green Careers Week and T Level Week.

Careers education in Years 7 and 8 is focused on developing confidence and independence skills as well as creating world of work moments within the classroom so students understand clear career links within the curriculum.

The careers information provided on the College website will be reviewed again in January 2025.

The Provider Access Policy can be viewed here

The Destination Data can be viewed here

The careers Team includes Mark Smith (Leader) and Beth Meynell (Advisor) careers@catmosecollege.com : 01572 770066