Summer 2021 Results

This academic year presented another unprecedented year for examinations and the pandemic and lockdown period resulted in the awarding of Centre Assessed Grades.  Stuart Williams, Principal said, “ We are very proud of every Catmose student, they have all triumphed despite two years of disrupted study caused by the pandemic. They demonstrated extraordinary resilience and hardwork during the lockdowns. Catmose staff continued to go the extra mile and students benefitted from very high-quality online teaching which ensured when they returned to College they had not fallen behind in their studies and were ready to sit a robust range of tests that contributed to these excellent results. Our students should be very proud of what they achieved and leave us with the confidence that their grades were hard won, thoroughly deserved and will serve them well to guide their next steps whether that be A levels, vocational courses or an apprenticeship”.

Attainment 855.75
% of students achieving a strong pass in both English and Maths52.8%
% of students achieving a standard pass in both English and Maths77.7%
% of students entered for EBACC55%
% of students achieving EBACC44%
% of students staying in Education/Apprenticeship100%
Progress 8+0.546
% of students achieving a strong pass in both English and Maths46%
% of students entered for EBACC17%
% of students achieving EBACC14.4%
% of students staying in Education/Apprenticeship93.7%
EBacc average point score3.63

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