The College’s Transformation Plan has been agreed by the Local Governing Body and forms the strategic planning for a three year period. It is a full analysis of every aspect of the College’s work with respect to standards around teaching, behaviour, leadership and achievement.  It contains a detailed review of each of these aspects in order to prioritise the areas which require further improvement.  In the case of an Ofsted inspection it would also be used by the inspection team as our self-evaluation document.

Transformation Plan 2023/24

Key priorities for Transformation Plan 2023/24

  • Maintaining high levels of student attendance.
  • Managing the small number of students who do not cooperate with staff.
  • Supporting staff to do their best through high-quality professional development and healthy accountability.
  • Supporting students who are financially disadvantaged to access the full breadth of our offer in and outside of the classroom.

You may read the Transformation Plan for 2023/2024 here.

The College’s Recovery Plan for 2022/2023 reflects our focus on delivering a high-quality education whilst acknowledging the continued impact of Covid. The document is an honest appraisal of what we are doing well, what we need to improve further, how we intend to carry out this work and measure its success.

Priorities for this year include:

  • Continuing to offer a broad range of trips, visits and experiences outside of the classroom that enhance our academic provision.
  • Intervention to ensure the momentum of progress is maintained for the lowest readers within the cohort.
  • To ensure all students access a full curriculum and subject reviews continue to place emphasis on the quality of education at a subject level.
  • Maintain a safe ethos and practice where everyone is equally valued.
  • To maintain an inclusive school ethos through high-quality teaching and support through Continued Professional Development (CPD), celebrating diversity throughout the year so that our approach reflects the world in which we live in today.
  • To provide an efficient continued professional development programme for all staff through an aligned core offer and career stage appropriate offer.

You may read the Recovery Plan for 2022/2023 here.

Recovery Plan 2021/22

We are calling this planning document our ‘Recovery Plan’ this year and not the ‘Transformation Plan’ to reflect our position in getting back to ‘normal’. It is not to suggest that Covid-19 prevented us from continuing to deliver high quality education, it is more to acknowledge that the impact of lockdowns, removal of public exams and disruption to normal routines has had an impact on students – some acutely and others less so. We aim to resume all areas of our broad curriculum and offer good quality support so that our students can re-establish positive learning routines and develop interpersonal skills and relationships that may have been affected by the imposed restrictions.

You may read the Recovery Plan for 2021/2022 here.

A summary of the targets for this academic year can be read here.

Key priorities for Transformation Plan 2020/21

  • To ensure that all students access their full curriculum on return in Term 1 and that it is appropriately adapted to ensure that any gaps in knowledge or skills due to lockdown last year are identified and negated.
  • To ensure that the most vulnerable students (Covid-19 catch-up group) make as much progress as other students nationally.
  • That CPD prepares staff for future remote or blended learning so that they maintain the momentum of learning in a way that in accessible to students, engages and provides feedback opportunities.
  • To provide classwork on Show My Homework so that any student who has a Covid-19 related absence is still able to access their learning and keep up with their peers.
  • To develop our equality and diversity objectives through stakeholder discussion so that our approach reflects the world we live in today and the feelings with of the diverse community are part of both locally and globally.
  • EBacc entry to increase to a minimum of 56%To remain focused on staff workload ensuring that they can meet the challenges of this difficult time whilst also retaining their enthusiasm for teaching and in particular their desire to stay within the Federation.

You can download the Transformation Plan here

Transformation Plan for 2019/20

Key priorities for 2019/2020 are as follows:

  • Maintaining our Progress 8 score and continuing to track and monitor all Pupil Premium students.
  • To further develop Quality Assurance subject reviews which will place a greater emphasis on the quality of education at a subject level.
  • To identify the vulnerable students within our community and track the opportunities they engage with, monitoring the breadth as well as the frequency, and intervening to promote fuller engagement where appropriate, including their Electives choice.
  • EBacc entry to increase to at least 50% 2019/20 and 55% 2020/21.
  • To support staff so they can manage their workload effectively.

You can download the Transformation Plan here

Transformation Plan for 2018/2019

2018/2019 Transformation Plan will focus on;

Continue to improve quality of Prep to ensure it offers all students an appropriate level of challenge.

Develop the tutorial programme to ensure consistency of approach and relevance of PHSE topics.

Scrutiny of Drama, Art and Design and Modern Foreign Languages to drive an improvement in results.

Develop and train staff appropriate to individual career stages and to encourage greater depth in key whole school areas.

Focus on literacy, specifically at vocabulary acquisition in Years 7 and 8.

You can download the 2018 Transformation Plan here

Transformation Plan for 2017-2018

2017/2018 Transformation Plan will focus on;

Maintaining our Progress 8 score and reviewing our curriculum to ascertain if improvements can be made.

Improving the quality of prep work so that it offers all students with an appropriate level of challenge.

Developing the way Year 7 and Year 8 students receive feedback on their work so that they can improve their understanding of it further.

Celebrate positive achievement via the House point system

Deliver a whole College strategy to support students who have mental health concerns.

You can download the 2017 Transformation Plan here

Transformation Plan for 2016-2017

This Transformation Plan outlines the College’s strategic plan for the following 12 months.

You can download the 2016 Transformation Plan here.

Transformation Plan for 2015-2016

This year’s Transformation Plan focuses on:

  • Concentrating upon closing the gap between financially disadvantaged, SEN students and the rest of the cohort.
  • Enhancing the reporting cycle to ensure more regular checkpoint data is available to inform progress.
  • Developing a holistic approach to students on the stages system, supporting them to improve progress and behaviour.
  • Reviewing ways in which the curriculum can be delivered to best meet statutory and national requirements, as well as ensuring that they meet students’ needs.
  • Continuing to develop the Rutland Teaching Alliance, increasing presence across other local authorities as well as the number of School Direct partnership and training positions.

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You can download the 2015 Transformation Plan here:

In addition, the Senior Leadership Team have completed a summary which gives a concise overview of the College’s performance. To access the document please click here.

Transformation Plan for 2014-2015

This year’s Transformation Plan focuses on:

  • Developing Literacy amongst students, across all subject areas, encouraging all to make excellent progress.
  • Focusing upon perception amongst students regarding occasional low-level inappropriate behaviour in some subject areas; ensuring that staff deal with any pockets of disruption effectively and consistently.
  • Concentrating on improving the performance of boys and pupil premium students.
  • Ensuring a consistent approach to teaching across all subject areas, including tutorial.
  • Developing the Rutland Teaching Alliance, increasing the School Direct partnership and training positions.

To can download the 2014 Transformation Plan here.

Transformation Plan for 2013-2014: Year 3 of 3

The third year of our three year improvement plan focuses on:

  • Improve communication with key stakeholders to ensure the current provision of excellent trips are accessed by the majority.
  • The development of staff training programmes that ensure the quality of teaching continues to improve; in particular the percentage of outstanding lessons to be at least 35%.
  • To continue work on the bid for Harington School a sixth form Free School provision.
  • Improve staff retention by 5% and the completion of a new performance review system linked to teaching staff pay progression.
  • Successful development of the Federation as a Teaching School and the range of CPD courses available to staff.

You can download the 2013 Transformation Plan here: