Many students are already completing exciting opportunities inside and outside of College and we want to recognise these achievements further.  It will allow us all to be more aware of the many ways in which we celebrate achievement and to provide a more formal record. The CATMOSE Challenge is an opportunity for students to continue to develop existing strengths, discover new ones and celebrate their many achievements in College and the community.

We have worked hard over the years to ensure that all students have opportunities for their success to be celebrated, including their achievements out of College so please make us aware of them. Students already receive house points, house point certificates, postcards, commendations awarded by the Principal, braided ties for competing in national events, scholarships and badges. In recent years we have celebrated students’ success in musical, equestrian and sailing achievements. 

The challenges can be found on the links below

Bronze Challenges
Silver Challenges
Gold Challenges

You will notice that some challenges are marked with a PS. This is to ensure that students and parents are mindful that some additional supervision may be necessary when completing the challenge.

The challenges for the Bronze, Silver and Gold award levels are arranged into three categories:

  • Arts
  • Cultural
  • Physical

All students will start on the Bronze level and will need to choose and complete two challenges from each section. They must provide evidence of each challenge as they are completed and show it to their tutor or relevant teacher to sign off.

Once the award has been accomplished, students should complete the card including the code and ensure it is signed off.  Then they will need to show the card to Ms Petterson in Client Services, who will then arrange for the presentation of the certificate and pin badge and celebrate the students’ successes further. Students can then progress to the Silver award, for which three challenges from each section needs to be completed. In order to achieve the Gold award four challenges are required from each section.

We look forward to seeing the range of challenges that students undertake and hope that the experience will bring many opportunities for sharing the celebration and recognition of student achievements.