Academic scholarships will be awarded annually to students in Years 9 and 10 who can demonstrate excellent all-round academic ability. The scholarships are designed to recognise exceptional talent in a specific subject area and to provide the opportunities, resources and staffing to allow students to have the experience and evidence to apply for the best post-16 providers leading to Russell Group and Oxbridge Universities.

In order to apply, evidence is required of ability and achievement in their chosen subject area. Applicants will also be required to complete a short assessment in their chosen subject and may then be asked to attend a short interview where they will be able to express their passion for the subject to a specialist teacher. Student may also showcase their contributions to wider College life, such as the Maths Challenge, Youth Speaks and House Competitions in their application.

Successful applicants will be assigned a subject specialist as a mentor who will support students  as they develop their super-curricular knowledge. Students have had the opportunity to attend fully-funded Art and public-speaking workshops, visit Tolethorpe Theatre, complete research projects for Cambridge University and visit museums of national importance such as The National Space Centre and The Natural History Museum.

Suitable uses of the award may include:

  • Specialist mentoring.
  • Technology and resources identified to help successful applicants meet specific objectives.
  • Access to identified paid Electives.
  • Support with volunteering.
  • Opportunities to visit specialist museums and take part in workshops.
  • Books and subject-specific materials.

Applications should be made to Mr Stevenson and Mr Bell on the application form which can be downloaded here, along with supporting evidence.