The wide and varied Art and Design curriculum enables students to develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills in art, digital art, 3D studies, photography and textiles. As part of their experience, students will have the opportunity to work with professional artists, designers, and experience workshops and performances throughout their time at the College.  In Year 9, students undertake the ‘Arts Challenge’ as part of unit 1 for Arts Award. If they wish they can progress on to unit 2 during the Electives in term 4 and 5 to complete this externally recognised qualification.


Year 7 units of study
Groups rotate around approx. 13 weeks for each rotation

Theme: Nature

Painting and Drawing: Observational drawings of thistles, seeds, conkers and other seasonal natural forms from primary observations are used to develop skills with materials and techniques (line – pen, tonal pencil, coloured pencil, mono printing, collage, and watercolours).

Textiles: Students research ‘Nature’ as a theme, looking at the way textile artists use materials to create their work. Their aim is to design and make a cushion, exploring a wide range of techniques – applique, running stitch, back stitch etc. They also consider the properties of fabric and how to prepare their fabric for stitching.

3D: Students research images of ‘The Green Person’ and design their own piece based on initial ideas. Students produce samples of techniques e.g. shaping, forming and joining to experimental clay leaves. Using a growing skill base of ceramic techniques students make their own Green Person, learning how to prepare clay, roll it out, slip it together and model detail.


Art and Design

Design Technology