Welcome to English at Catmose College. The English team has a real passion, drive and motivation for all students to achieve a first-hand insight into the exciting challenge and enrichment that English studies has to offer them.

A key focus that we really encourage and foster is for the students to enjoy reading for pleasure. To quote Alan Bennett , “A book is a device to ignite the imagination.”

The Key Stage 3 English curriculum delivery for Years 7, 8 and 9 is enriching, versatile and engaging. Students are prepared for the rigours of GCSE English Language and English Literature as skills are introduced, developed and honed. We ensure that literacy, reading, comprehension and writing skills are taught in a dynamic and interactive way through our successful schemes and units. Students who need extra help and guidance on specific literacy skills can be placed in small intervention groups. These students are identified by a range of data and in consultation with the Intervention team.

Students will study a broad range of prose, poetry and drama in KS3 alongside non-fiction texts such as articles, letters and speeches. As well as reading and writing, we expect students to develop their spoken language skills both individually and as part of a group; each year students will undertake a range of individual and group tasks that develop confidence in speaking passionately to both their peers and adults.

Units of study are centralised around a ‘core text’ or ‘core anthology’ allowing teachers to interleave language and literature skills that will help to prepare students for GCSE study, whilst also encouraging students to consider the text in the wider light of it’s social, historical and literary context. Students are also encouraged to read widely in their own time and teachers will have regular discussions with their classes about their personal reading.


English at Catmose College

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