Catmose College - Part 13

‘Catmose College is an outstanding school’ Ofsted 2012

Catmose College is an oversubscribed secondary academy school on Huntsmans Drive in Oakham, Rutland. The majority of students are drawn from the county town of Oakham and surrounding villages, although many are attracted from a wider area including Leicestershire and Melton through parental choice.

The College is one of highest achieving in Rutland and Leicestershire. Our Ofsted report in February 2012 rated the college ‘Outstanding’ in all categories. We offer a broad range of experiences beyond the classroom to build independence, resilience and leadership skills that are critical for success in adult life. More details on the College can be found via the menu on the left or on the DfE.

We believe that great schools are not made by the buildings they occupy, but by the people who work within them. We are proud at Catmose College to have both a committed staff and talented, hardworking students whose contributions make our College truly exceptional.

Our primary aim is to encourage each student to become a mature, independently minded individual who has the necessary skills and knowledge to be of value to themselves and society. We know that every student is talented, so our role as educators is to ensure these talents are fully realised. To achieve this, we have high expectations of every student, emphasising the importance of hard work and doing one’s best in every circumstance.




10 May

We have two exciting events coming up at Catmose College this month, hosted by our Music and Drama Teams.        


29 April

This week the College has held its first ever Music Week, which has featured musical performances from students in Years 7-11 each lunchtime on the Hellerup.        


22 April

On 21 April Catmose College students took part in the Oakham Town Council’s celebrations to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday.        


15 April

On March 25th, 33 students, plus four teachers, boarded a plane for Sumatra with the promise of seeing orangutans.        


15 April

This week at Catmose College students got involved with World Osprey Week. Students were lucky enough to have members of the Rutland Osprey team come in for this week’s Go Wild elective