Arkwright Scholarship Success

Year 11 students George and Alex have been shortlisted for interview for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Arkwright Scholarships are designed to inspire students to pursue their dreams and change the world as future leaders in engineering. Catmose College is one of a limited number of schools that offer this sought-after Scholarship as an Arkwright’s partnered school. Each of the applicants from Catmose have been supported by the College’s Academic Scholarship programme. Each Scholarship is sponsored by a commercial company, trade association, university, professional institution, armed service, government organisation, worshipful company, charitable trust or personal donor who offer scholars support in various ways such as work experience, a personal mentor, career development and project support.

The interview is the third component of what has already been a rigorous application process. The students have submitted an application detailing their passion for engineering and an engineering project that they have been completing. They also sat a two hour aptitude exam to assess their problem solving abilities and understanding of engineering principals. Students have been meeting weekly after-College to work on their applications and to prepare for the exam, whilst continuing to work on their own engineering projects outside of College.