Spanish Exchange home hosting

Catmose College were delighted to host the Spanish exchange students from Almerimar, immersing in UK culture with Year 9 and 10 families. From punting in Cambridge to adventures in Leicester and Nottingham having fun bowling and playing scrapyard golf, and shared College lessons, it was a journey of friendship and cultural exchange. Our students are now looking forward to their Spanish exchange trip in April.

At the beginning of the month our Spanish exchange partners came to visit us. I was quite impressed by their English which made it a lot easier to communicate with them.

During the week we went on several trips, one was to Leicester and the second one was to Cambridge. On these trips we took part in a range of different activities like punting on the river in Cambridge and after we went shopping. When we were in Leicester we went bowling in the morning and later we played scrapyard golf. These activities were so much fun and we really enjoyed ourselves! We walked into town and went and bought lunch wherever we wanted. My exchange partner said she really enjoyed the shopping but also liked seeing England as she had never been before.

On the weekend a few of us took our Spanish exchange partners to London to enjoy a nice day. I took my exchange partner out shopping and to see a few landmarks which was really fun but it was super cold.

We all can’t wait to go to the south of Spain in April.”

Year 10 student, Eloise