Cornwall Residential

During the long weekend of 24 to 27 June, our GCSE Year 10 Photography, Art and Graphics students were finally able to enjoy one of the most positive and enriching aspects of what the college has to offer – a residential trip! We’ve been super excited to see the return of trips this academic year and the media material, experiences and inevitably new friendships made amongst the students, have all been observed and cherished. I feel we’ve all come back with something brand new!

Within the busy four days we had planned for the trip, a lot was covered! Staying around a popular coastal town of Penzance, we were lucky to arrive only to learn that a local, traditional annual festival had started the day before, which gave us the opportunity to observe and document the town’s locals enjoying the evening at a fun fair. Needless to say, some of us hit a ride or two, or three, twice!, not to shy away from the experience! 

Day two:

We then followed onward with day two that included a visit to the one and only Tintagel Castle set among dramatic cliffs and beautiful oceanic coastline. We were extremely lucky to photograph and then escape a fast approaching storm which we then took shelter from in the nearby town, drying ourselves to the delicious aroma of fish and chips. Yummy! We then visited Padstow, yet another picturesque coastal town where we focused on enjoying many cornish delicacies, taking pictures of locals in their natural setting whilst savouring those full of flavour cornish ice cream and pasties. The day ended with St. Ives, one of my personal favourites, with some stunning photos of a rainbow proudly shining over the overlooking hills opposite the harbour. And more ice cream of course.

Day three:

Was very exciting with a planned visit to the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, which was partly organised with the help of one of the parents of our students – just showing how our excellent Catmose community comes forward and enriches our experiences. We loved the museum, with peculiar exhibits of maritime creatures such as sirens and other anomalies found in circuses around the globe, connected with myths and the sea, of course. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a mummified siren! We then explored the town with its unique shops and little art galleries, took more pictures and then returned to Penzance where some of us, quite tired, decided they would prefer to stay after a long day and prepare for the upcoming English mock exam whereas others, hungry for entertainment went to the Arcades centre where they challenged both each other and some of the locals to a game or two – Mrs Sanger’s vicious competitive skills have
come in handy and Catmose reigned victorious yet again! 

Day four:

We stopped by St Michael’s Mount, Marazion where we took the low-tide opportunity to photograph dramatic landscapes of the castle and the views surrounding it. I am really proud with the students’ insight into the area and the images I’ve seen from that morning. I cannot wait to seeing them edited and presented on some of our “Landscape Photography Themed” portfolios. They are stunning! We’ve also learnt a thing or two about the area itself, the residence that is still being used by the inheriting family and the various ghostly stories connected with the castle. 

And then it was time to board the coach and start our journey back. Lead by Ian, our driver, with whom the students established a great connection, we were far from done as friendships were further formed and strengthened along the way. And when observing this, I couldn’t be more happy with our trip. It will definitely remain in a bag of some of my favourite memories from the college for years to come!