British Library Trip

Last term students from the English Academic Scholarship programme at Catmose College took a trip to the iconic British Library in London to take part in a Creative Writing Workshop. The workshop was led by Sandra A. Agard, a British author, poet and playwright who has a storytelling career spanning 40 years. Our students were given a unique insight into the writing process, including creating poetry through the senses, transforming mundane events into dramatic narratives, and using objects from the library’s Treasures Collection to inspire their own stories. Students had the opportunity to explore the library’s famous literary treasures including the Magna Carta, Shakespeare’s first folio, Jane Austen’s writing desk, the Brontës’ story books, Charles Dickens’ original manuscripts, and a beautiful display of sacred texts from around the world. There were also written and illustrated works from the anti-slavery movement as well as recent LGBTQ+ activists. It was an exceptionally interesting trip which gave students confidence and inspiration for their own writing, but also enabled them to discover the stories that have shaped our world. 

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