Barcelona Football trip 2023

Towards the end of last term students from Catmose College had the pleasure of attending a trip to Barcelona.
Highlights included visiting the famous Camp Nou, a walking tour of the beautiful city of Tarragona, an educational bus tour of Barcelona, the opportunity to visit the works of Gaudi and Picasso, including the magnificent Sagrada Familia and the stunning Montjuic with its amazing views of the city.
Students attended a masterclass session with the coaches of the La Liga team Espanyol. This provided students with an insight to the demands of training in a professional football team and took this opportunity to learn some new skills and techniques from highly qualified coaches.
The trip to Barcelona was an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The combination of educational tours, cultural activities, and sporting events made it a well-rounded and truly enriching trip.
“We spent five days on the trip, staying in a really nice hotel in the village of Calafell. We were with our friends a lot of the time playing games on the beach or together playing cards and talking.
The weather was amazing throughout the trip and when we went into Barcelona and Tarragona it was just right. In Barcelona we had a tour where we travelled partly around on a bus and we got off and had a look around the fascinating city which was full of loads of attractions such as The Basilica. One of my favourite parts was the tour of Camp Nou, you could tell just by walking around how many top players have played there as well as teams.
We played two good games of football winning one and drawing the other. On the journey we chatted about how we thought the games would go and how they went, everyone would try their hardest and work hard for each other which was really good.”
Toby, Year 9 student