Catmose College has a number of service students (Kendrew Barracks, St George’s Barracks and RAF Wittering) whose families have a high level of mobility and deployment. We work in an effective partnership with the Armed Forces, and the Local Authority, to ensure the service students receive a high level of quality transition and learning, on entry to the College, and with on-going support.

We receive Service Pupil Premium funding for our service children, the spending whilst at the College’s discretion is in accordance with government policy. In order to primarily support their pastoral needs, we use this funding to support the funding of a member of our pastoral staff, David Savage. David served for many years in the Armed Forces and as such, has an insight into the impact that service life can have on our students and their families. David is a member of our pastoral team, situated in Client Services, a place within the College that is easily accessible for all students.

If you wish to contact the College to discuss how we can support your child, please contact David Savage on 01572 770066 or