This term, Year 7 form tutors handed out books to their delighted tutees. Each year, the College purchases books for Year 7 students from the National Literacy Bookbuzz project. This ensures that all students have a book to read of their own which will help them to develop a love of reading. The students are able to choose a book from a choice of 20 with a range in genres and abilities, as well as fiction or information books.
Reading and literacy are an important part of learning at Catmose College. Without effective literacy skills, students will not have the necessary skills that they will need to do those important things in their future lives like buying a house, taking a driving test or even something simple like replying to an email or message on social media. The BookBuzz project provides students with a range of exciting and new books to try and aligns with our Accelerated Reader programme.
Students from our designated special provision were especially pleased.
Sophie said “Thank you for the fabulous book.”
Braydon said “I really like the book I chose”.
Maisie said “Thank you for my book. I chose, ‘Talking to Alaska’. So far, I think it’s cool, and I am enjoying it and pleased that I can keep it, so I don’t have to rush to read it.”
You can find out more information about the Bookbuzz project, including how you can support your child and their reading on their website –…/programmes-and…/bookbuzz/