Return to College from 8 March

We intend to stagger the return to College over two days with Year 10 and 11, starting back on Monday the 8 March followed by all other year groups (7, 8 and 9) on Tuesday 9 March. The slight stagger is necessary to allow all students for whom we have consent to be tested using the lateral flow tests we have been successfully using since Christmas. I will issue next week a short video explaining how the tests are conducted and giving further details regarding the return once we have finalised our plans.

  • The College will be open as usual from 8:00 am and all students will need to leave at the end of the day unless their parents are critical workers and have requested wrap around care which will continue to be available until 4:30 pm.
  • If students arrive before lessons they should go to their usual first lesson or in the case of sport wait on the Hellerup.
  • All students must start attending the College site unless they have been granted an authorised absence. Any non-attendance should be reported in the usual way.
  • We anticipate conducting two further tests (three total) on students once they return during the week of the 8 March and the following weeks. Following that students will be issued with home testing kits for parents to carry out two tests per week at home.
  • We will maintain the usual restrictions regarding one-way, enhanced hygiene and social distancing we had prior to lock down. It is worth refreshing your child of these rules which can be found here.
  • The wearing of face coverings will be extended to include any space that does not allow social distancing to be maintained. This will unfortunately mean that students in lessons will need to wear face coverings as will staff that cannot maintain at least a 2 m distance from others. Students will only be able to remove them when eating food. The only exemption will be for staff and students who are medically unable to wear a face covering. This measure will remain in place for as long as the government advise it is necessary. We appreciate the high levels of compliance of our students in following this requirement as it has helped keep everyone safe at the College. Every student who does not wear a face covering adds to the risk of transmissions of the virus which could lead to their friends and staff becoming very ill. If you think your child is medically exempt because to wear a face covering could cause them serious harm you will need to discuss this matter with client services before your child returns to College. Any student not wearing a face covering without the permission of the College will not be allowed to attend lessons due to the risk it will cause others.
  • We will reluctantly resort to imposing sanctions for those that repeatedly do not comply with the Covid restrictions as per our behaviour and exclusion policies.
  • We are hopeful of re-starting our extra-curricular programme, starting with outside sport, these opportunities will be communicated to parents by the relevant teams once they have been finalised.
  • The update from the government regarding centre assessed grades for Year 11 is now likely to be Thursday. We will aim to release our approach to students and parents during the week beginning the 8 March so that Year 11 know what to expect.

We very much look forward to seeing everyone back on site from the 8 or 9 March.