GCSE Results Day 2022

The Catmose College community in Oakham celebrated their best ever year of examination results. Catmose students have done themselves and their community proud leaving the College with the results and broader experiences they need to progress onto A level, vocational courses, and apprentices.

Stuart Williams, Principal of the College, said ‘I couldn’t be prouder of the Catmose community. These astonishing strong results reflect the quality of teaching through two lockdowns and the first-class support students have been given to ensure a successful transition back into College so that they were as well prepared for exams as they could be. Our students, supported by their parents, gave everything they could and deserve to have achieved so highly across every subject.’

Over 80% of students secured grades 9-4 (grade C or higher) in maths and English. There are sixty, (over 30% of our students) who achieved an average grade of a 7 (grade A) or higher with an incredible thirty students gaining at least eight subjects at grades 8 and 9 (grade A*+).

The following students were the College’s highest achieving with an amazing set of
results achieving at least eight grades 7, 8 and 9, which are the equivalent of the old A and A* grades: Daniel Williams, Jasmin Appleton, Lucy James, Lewis Walker, Jacob Andrews, Layla Ross, Michael Harper, Eve Sloan, Charles Turley, Jessica Solly, Dylan Humphreys, Amy Callaghan, Anwen Tomalin, Oliver Woodward, Archie Haddon, Scarlett Holton, Cecilly Parsons, India Farr, Joel Condron, Chloe Vickers, Jack Strickland, T omasz Clark, Amelia Barton, Freya Lea, Edward Mott, Lucy Parkinson, Emily Pell, Rojenald Bilason and Bailey-Mai Feely.

Stuart Williams added ‘we are very proud of the students who worked incredibly hard over their time with us leading to them meeting the very demanding aspirational targets that were set, these are: Jasmin Appleton, Amelia Barton, Thomas Beresford, Lee Goatham, Hiba Haider, Michael Harper, Vicente Homer, Lucy James, Elizabeth Kemp, Kian McGuire, Eve Morris, Noah Murray, Layla Ross, Eve Sloan, Jessica Solly, Charles Turley, Chloe Vickers, Lewis Walker and Daniel Williams’.

Amy Callaghan, head student, said ‘I’ve had the most amazing experience at Catmose, from all the extracurricular activities to sport and performing arts. The teachers have been extremely supportive and I am incredibly proud of my results, they are a testament to working hard and the wonderful school.’

Tom McEnery, head student, said ‘I have had a great time at Catmose, I have made great friends.’

Jasmin Appleton said: ‘Thank you to the most amazing staff for all their reassurance and help. I have loved my experience at Catmose and I am looking forward to continuing my journey at Harington School. My family moved to this area for the school’.

Daniel Williams said ‘thanks a lot to Catmose, I really enjoyed my time and I am very appreciative of all the work of teachers who pushed me to my hardest to get good grades’.

Harrison Lang said ‘I’m so proud of my results. Don’t doubt or compare yourself to others, be happy with what you have achieved’.

The College prides itself on offering a very broad education, both academically and through the extensive extracurricular provision in music, sport, drama, the arts and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Students who attend the College not only gain superb examination results but also the life skills around resilience, teamwork and leadership they need to be successful in future careers. The College has been oversubscribed as a result for many years and it is now offering an additional 30 students to join us in Year 7 to experience the same outstanding education as Year 11 have. This has only been possible as a result of the investment from Rutland County Council and the Rutland and District Schools’ Federation which is responsible for Catmose College.