Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from 2019 to 2020 academic year as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State. However, we have included our own analysis as below.

We continue to display our 2018 2019 performance measures until new performance measures are published.

Summer 2020 Results

In what has been the most extraordinary year with so much turbulence for everyone, Catmose has started what they hope is the first steps back to normality for their students, as is usual, achieving exceptional GCSE grades. Stuart Williams, Principal said, “Although students did not sit examinations this year, the grades awarded by Catmose were just as rigorously determined because of our robust internal assessment and moderation procedures. Our students know that the grades they received this morning are ones that reflect their hard work and commitment over the entire course and I congratulate each and every one of them on their many achievements.”

The grades will now allow students to progress onto the next steps in their life, however the College is equally proud of their other achievements which will ultimately give them the character to be successful in life. Students at Catmose have access to a huge number of additional activities designed to build resilience and develop character. Many will have supported their local community through volunteering in Rutland and Melton, taking part in one of the many sports teams (who once again triumphed in the Varsity league), raising funds and taking part in expeditions as far afield as Sumatra and Iceland or, performing in the orchestra or acting in one of Catmose’s  spectacular productions.

Stuart Williams explained that the College was however, disappointed not to be able to give out the BTEC grades this morning as a result of the examination board’s decision to review all grades. He said, that he believed this is the right thing to do as it will ensure that the grades awarded for the BTEC courses will continue to be comparable with the equivalent GCSE course. Students will be given all the support they need to ensure that the delay in the releasing of their results does not impact on their ability to secure an appropriate course or apprenticeship.

82% of students achieved grade 4 (pass) and above and 64% achieved a grade 5 (strong pass) or above.

The following students were the College’s highest achieving with an amazing set of results:
Annie 10 x Grade 9s, Annabelle 8 x Grade 9s and 1 x Grade 8.

In addition, the following students achieved all grades 7, 8 or 9’s:
Lauren, Matthew, Katherine, Holly, Benjamin, Daisy, Samuel and William.

Astounding progress was also made by:
Rosie, Daisy, Kristina, Saskia, Jessica, Lauren, Holly, Samuel, Katherine, Jonathan , Annabell, Elizabeth, Harry and Kya to name but a few.

Ben (Head Student) said “he was really pleased with his results, it has been an interesting 6 months but he was so happy with the way it has all turned out. He thanked Catmose for a great 5 years.”  Ben is going on to study A levels in Maths, English and Economics at Harington School.

Annabelle and Annie commented that they are both really happy with their results following a stressful time and they are looking forward to moving on with the next chapter of their lives. Annie is studying for the International Baccalaureate at Oakham School while Annabelle will be studying A levels in Philosophy and Ethics, Spanish, Psychology and Economics at Harington School.

Progress 8+0.61
Attainment 855.25
% of students achieving a strong pass in both English and Maths63.4%
% of students entered for EBACC39.2%
% of students achieving EBACC33.5%
% of students staying in Education/Apprenticeship97.5%
EBacc average point score3.63
Progress 8+0.546
% of students achieving a strong pass in both English and Maths46%
% of students entered for EBACC17%
% of students achieving EBACC14.4%
% of students staying in Education/Apprenticeship93.7%
EBacc average point score3.63

To find more information about Catmose College through the Government’s School and College performance tables please click here to be taken to their website. To review a more detailed analysis of our results please read the latest Transformation Plan.