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Work Experience

Every student in Year 10 is expected to take part in our work experience programme.  The work experience week enables students to gain first-hand experience in the world of work and helps them to develop personal and social skills. It also helps to increase awareness of the opportunities available.

The work experience week has a very positive impact on students; it helps them to grow in confidence and encourages them to work hard to achieve their goals.

Some recent student comments:

“I really enjoyed my placement as it was really useful at getting a better understanding of what working environment is really like”

“It was a great opportunity”

“I loved it”

“It was thoroughly enjoyable and taught me a lot”

“Gave me a good idea of the area I would like to work in”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and thought it was a worthwhile experience”


Some recent employer comments:

“It is a great opportunity for the students to experience what is to follow after school life and possibly help them decide on their future career path”

“Harriet was amazing, helpful, great with our customers. A real asset to the team for the week”

“Joe was very enthusiastic and worked very hard”

“Everyone involved embraced the opportunity to share information about their role with Sophie and integrate her into their team wherever possible”

“It was very useful to have a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective to look at some of the analysis work we are doing and to approach it in a different way”

“Our student was polite and happy”

“Couldn’t have had a better attitude and been more helpful”


You can download the relevant work experience information documents below.

Sample Work Experience Employer Form

Sample Work Experience Parent Agreement form

Sample Work Experience Parent Data form

Sample Work Experience Letter