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Welcome to Catmose College, a secondary academy school on Huntsmans Drive in Oakham, Rutland.

We are very fortunate to benefit from a purpose-built and fully equipped building and have hardworking and talented students whose contributions make our College truly exceptional.

We offer an extensive curriculum both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that every student can develop their existing strengths as well as discover new ones. Our academic courses are complemented and enhanced by an ‘electives’ programme which encompasses the creative arts, sport, music and drama with many further opportunities also available in our flourishing extra curriculum programme.

Academy status gives the College the same freedom that public schools have always enjoyed, predominantly a single minded focus on the best interests of each and every student.

So, whether you’re looking for a teaching position, or to become a member of our wider staff, Catmose College offers a number of unique, exciting opportunities to develop your career.

To find our more about the benefits of working at the College, please read our welcome booklet below.

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I have worked at the Rutland and District Schools’ Federation since June 2012, initially as Vice Principal of Catmose College and more recently as Head of School at Harington. Both schools have been recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding but as an employer we never look to stand still; with this philosophy epitomised through the work of our dedicated teaching and support staff.  Personally, I have been fortunate in the number of opportunities I have been given, including establishing the county’s first Teaching Alliance, as well as working across all curriculum and pastoral areas. If you are considering applying for a job, do get in touch, come and visit – it is rare people leave not feeling excited about the prospect of joining.



I am in my eighth year at Catmose College and have progressed from Director of Music to Pastoral Manager in 2015.  As teachers, it is our desire to provide a wealth of opportunities to our students in order to nurture their continual development; however, this is also true for all staff at Catmose. On offer, is a bespoke programme of CPD which covers a plethora of topics for staff to enhance their professional development. Furthermore, the College heavily invested in my own professional development when I trained to become an Ofsted Inspector. Catmose College is a unique school and I am sure you will relish the many opportunities that the College has to offer.


I am extremely grateful to have been offered the role of Head Boy and I intend to use it to its full potential alongside my colleagues, Molly, the deputies and the rest of the team. The support, the staff, the students and the equal value that we have at Catmose has allowed me to find my feet and expand my skills to become the person that I am today. It is my duty to represent all students here in the Catmose Community and ensure that they have the same opportunities that I did, to ensure that every student finds their feet and develops into an independent young adult, developing transferable skills to aid them in later life. I plan to start a committee and course based on self-confidence and developing new skills which I hope to launch at the start of the next academic year. The second initiative I would like to introduce is to increase the level of exposure of politics and current affairs within the College. I intend to do this by starting a new extra-curricular activity and making sure that we discuss it in tutorial and assembly. My time at Catmose College has been a life changing one. I am so proud to be a Catmose student and this will be shown in the commitment and hard work that I will show.The Catmose community is a strong one and I promise to continue that alongside my peers, I have no doubt that the current student body will be extremely well organised and the most effective that it can be.


The past four of years at Catmose have been some of the best in my school career with hundreds of opportunities at my fingertips and fantastic learning experiences at every turn. I take great pride in being a student at the College and feel very privileged to wear the uniform around the campus and when representing the College out on trips. The school building itself is a great hive of inspiration and academic achievement and with many students also thriving in Sport or Music, celebration of students’ individuality and creativity in all subjects is a big part of the school ethos. The memories I have made at Catmose are some that will stay with me forever. The wide range of opportunities that I have enjoyed at Catmose varies from Music to Sport and from Academia to Art. I have completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh and am working on completing my silver. I have been made a Duke of Edinburgh Ambassador for my efforts. I am an academic scholar and have previously been a sports scholar. For me, getting the best support and being in the best learning environment has always been crucial if I am to follow my aspiration and become a doctor and Catmose has provided me with just that. I hope to use the opportunity of being Head Girl to inspire my fellow students to channel their ambitions into becoming something absolutely amazing and to utilise all the opportunities available to them at Catmose.  


Rutland Teaching Alliance and its partner schools are delighted to be able to offer exciting opportunities to train as a teacher for the academic year 2018-19.

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