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We see trips and visits as a crucial part of the Catmose experience, offering opportunities to develop independence and wider skills that go alongside experiencing different cultures and events that are not possible within the confines of a classroom. Information for each trip including payment will be included in a letter which you will receive from the College either via your child or through the post.


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MARCH 2017

APRIL 2017

MAY 2017
SPANISH EXCHANGE TRIP – Part 2 – Catmose students to visit host families in Spain COST: £200

JUNE 2017
YEAR 10 BERLIN TOUR – COST £480 approximately

CURRENT YEAR 8 & 9 SUMATRA EXPEDITION – COST £2450 approximately

YEAR 10 & 11 SKI TRIP, CANADA – COST £1600


CURRENT YEAR 7 & 8 NEPAL EXPEDITION – COST £2700 approximately

For information and to aid planning, here is a selection of forthcoming residential trips we hope to offer.  Some of these are one-offs, some run every two years, some are annual. Target Year groups refer to the student’s academic year on the departure date. Please note this also includes trips for Catmose Primary and Harington School.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and we will try and help

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From the 12 -19 October, 13 students along with Mr. Coupe and Mrs. Mellors flew to Germany to take part in a German Exchange. It was a week full of culture and new experiences. When in Germany, we were warmly welcomed and we met our exchange families who were kindly hosting us for the week. As a group, we visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart as well as a second museum which gave us a better understanding of Germany’s history, especially the history of the region. On Monday, we got the chance to visit the Ludwigsburg Castle was amazing as we got to see for ourselves the difference between the rich and the working class. After this, we were given a Schwäbisch cooking lesson where we cooked a local speciality, Maultaschen, a type of ravioli, and then we got to eat it which of course we were delighted about. It was “lecker”!

As well as all of the trips, we spent 2 days in the German school that our exchange students go to, Alfred-Amann-Gymnasium. We were in their lessons during the two days and we got to witness first-hand the difference between their school system and ours. On one of the days, we meet with the former Head Teacher who was very friendly and he gave us a personal tour of Bönnigheim. I had the best time and definitely would go back again. I made so many good friends and we have kept in contact since the exchange. I think everyone got a lot out of the exchange, German and English alike.

Janie-lea Jarvis 10T


On Thursday 19 May sixteen Year 10 Art students and 3 staff set off to explore the cultural city of Florence. We flew out from Luton Airport and arrived at our hotel around 6pm, just enough time for a quick change before setting out for dinner. We were treated to a fabulous Italian three-course meal before retiring to our hotel with full stomachs.
Day 2 started early with a visit to the Accademia Gallery to view Michealangelo’s David, along with examples of Renaissance sculptures. From there we moved to the Cathedral Square where we enjoyed lunch in the square before visiting the Opera Duomo Museum, comprising three floors of  Medieval and Renasissance statues, many of which were specifically designed to adorn the Baptistery of St John, the Cathedral of Santa Maria DEL Fiore (The Duomo) and Giotto’s Bell Tower. The museum tour ends on a panoramic terrace offering a remarkable and unusual view of Brunelleschi’s dome.
We then crossed the Cathedral Square to climb  Giotto’s Bell Tower, which stands at 84.7 metres tall.  The 414 steps was worth it as the view from the top was breathtaking. We then moved into the main cathedral, which features an impressive fresco of the Last Judgement (1572-9) by Giorgio Vasari.
After all those steps we felt it was definitely time to sample some Italian ice-cream, which got a thumbs up all round. We then navigated our way across Florence to the Uffizi Gallery which is situated on the banks of the river Arno. The Uffizi Gallery hosts works of art by great Italian artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Raffaello. After returning to our hotel we had time for a quick change before heading back into central Florence for another Italian feast.
In the morning on day 3 after crossing the Ponte Vecchio (with its very expensive jewellery shops) we went to the Museum of Zoology and Natural History. There were 24 rooms full of taxidermy animals including fish, monkeys and bears. Along with 10 rooms of anatomic waxes (not for the squeamish). After this gallery we went to a nearby piazza for lunch before walking to the Pitti Palace where we toured the Palantine gallery which was also a grand house containing lots of fine interiors. At the back of the palace was the Boboli gardens. You could walk to the top of the hill and see a view of the entire city and surrounding hills. Afterwards we walked back to our hotel in the sunshine before heading out for dinner. Everyone was sad to leave Florence on Sunday morning and declared that we needed at least one more day to explore.


During the Easter Holiday I was lucky enough to travel to Sumatra for 11 days. We spent these days working against deforestation, studying orangutans and trekking through Sumatran rainforests and jungles taking in the culture and environment around us.

The two groups and I had the chance to try the Sumatran lifestyle as well as the food. This consisted of days without showers, no toilets and constant rice for 3 meals a day, everyday. This also consisted of riding elephants, swimming in wild rivers, rafting, climbing through bat caves, spotting orangutans and meeting new people which we’d never meet in general life. We also faced temperatures which peaked at 47 degrees.

Throughout our trip we experienced things that other people may never experience during their whole life. It also gave us chances to become friends and bond with people that we may not know or notice at school. Sumatra has also helped me to take the simple things in life for granted and realise how lucky we all are.

Charlotte Allman 10O


Eight students involved in the New Views Playwriting Competition travelled to London on Thursday 10th March. They watched the musical ‘’ in the Olivier Theatre on the Southbank. The students had a look around the interactive exhibition based on characters and themes from the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The performance took you on a journey with Alys and her friends as they entered the interactive world of the internet. It was about self-worth and identity, asking the question ‘Who are you?’ throughout the show. The students thoroughly enjoyed the exaggerated characters and music. They also took tips from it on how to write and structure their own plays. On the 15th March each of the students got to spend 20 minutes with the Professional writer Christopher Hill. He had studied each of their Plays (first draft) and gave them some ideas on how to develop them further before sending their final draft into the competition. It was an invaluable opportunity for the students as they continue to write and edit their plays.

L Mitchell


On Tuesday 9th February a group of year 9 students visited the Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter. When we first arrived at the tour, we went into a cinema and watched a short introduction video for the Harry Potter movies. We then were greeted into Hogwarts and walked through the Great Hall – the actual set that was used in the films! It was amazing! We then had a lesson by taking part in a one-hour film pitching session. The session was really good and taught us how to sell a movie in a pitch of 25 words or less.

During the day we got to see a number of the sets used in the film series, such as the Hogwarts Express and Harry’s house on ‘Privet Drive’ and Diagon Alley’, which included ‘Olivanders’, ‘Gringots Bank’. We also got to see an exhibit on mythical creatures and how they were all made. Finally, we were mesmerised by the Hogwarts castle model, which was breath taking to see it.

The whole day was fascinating and taught us all a lot about movie-making and all the different careers the industry has to offer!

By Lucie McKie and Ben Kirk


On Saturday 13 February 40 students (Year 8-11) and 4 members of staff set out to explore the Italian pistes of Passo Tonale for a week of skiing during half-term.  We had fantastic conditions all week and students improved their skiing technique and confidence. They were provided with 5 hours of instructed ski lesson time per day with a range of evening activities.

All students explored a range of slopes across the resort, ranging from blue to black, with some students additionally skiing on the Presena Glacier (3,000m). The resort’s slopes catch the sun and with large numbers of beginners slopes it is ideal for learning to ski. Students at the end of the week also competed in a Catmose College ski rally race.

We stayed at the ‘Albergo Sciatori’ hotel and enjoyed a hot two course lunch and a three course evening meal each day.

There were various activities laid on in the evening for students including a night at a traditional Italian pizzeria, a 2 hour instructed night skiing session, ice-skating, karaoke, a disco and presentation evening where students received rally racing medals and skiing certificates.  Students had the opportunity to nominate their peers for the following categories Best Night Skier, Most Improved Skier, Best Team Player, Best Snow Selfie, Best Skiing Trick and Best Skiing Wipe-out.

After a fantastic week on the mountains students will definitely have returned with achy ski legs, great photographs and most of all brilliant Catmose College trip memories. Here’s to the next ski trip!


On Thursday 28th January 50 Catmose Art and Design GCSE/A-level students and scholars visited the V&A Museum in London to collect primary research and inspiration for their current Art projects.  Students were able to explore a range of galleries of sculpture, cultural artefacts, architecture, photography,  paintings and drawings and more.

Photography students additionally attended a camera-less photography workshop and had the opportunity to hear more about the history of photography whilst viewing the current ‘Julia Margaret Cameron’ exhibition. One of the most experimental photographers of the 19th century.

“I was impressed by how much life was in the museum and how each piece of work complimented one another.”

“I have collected a range of primary photographs, which I can incorporate into my own artwork.”

“I really enjoyed the architecture department, as it showed great depth and detail.”

“My favourite area was the portrait miniatures, because I found it interesting to see artist’s ideas progress.”

“I most enjoyed the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition as I found it extremely interesting and it will help me greatly with my current art project.”


The Performing Arts Tour 2015 was a unique opportunity for musicians, dancers and actors from the college to showcase a selection of performances in Paris. After a term full of rehearsals our performances were ready and excitement was building. As a final dress rehearsal we performed to friends and family with great success and finally we were ready to go. Very early on 17 October we arrived at Catmose and began our journey to Paris.

Our first day in Paris started with a performance. We performed in the Jardin du Luxembourg and our performance in this park attracted a large audience who were enthusiastic and obviously enjoyed watching our showcase. The performance included two choir pieces, a selection of pieces performed by the orchestra including the ‘Final Countdown’ and ‘Happy’, as well as a dance, a selection of solos and duets and a stomp piece as a finale. After the performance we travelled to the most well-known landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. We climbed 704 steps up to the second floor of the tower, spending time taking in the breath-taking views of Paris from 115m in the air. Our last visit of the day was to Notre Dame, a stunning cathedral in the heart of Paris. We had time to explore the cathedral and the surrounding area which was full of amazing street performers and thousands of souvenir shops.

To start the second day we visited the Musée du Louvre and managed to catch a glimpse of the famous Mona Lisa and many other stunning paintings and statues, including the work of Constable. After a morning in the museum it was time for our second performance. We performed with a clear view of the Eiffel Tower framed between two sets of trees. Once again our performance attracted a large audience and we all really enjoyed performing in this iconic venue. To finish the day we took a river cruise along the Seine enjoying all the sights of Paris in a unique way.

Tuesday, Disneyland! Our final most exciting performance was in Disneyland Paris, this was a shortened performance including the two choir pieces and four orchestra pieces. Performing in Disneyland was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that was enjoyed by everyone on the trip. The rest of the day was spent in small groups exploring everything the park had to offer. We had a meal in Planet Hollywood, one of Disneyland’s many restaurants, after which we continued to explore Disneyland in the dark! To finish the day we watched the spectacular firework show around the Disney castle.

Our final day before we travelled home was spent entirely in Disneyland! We went on ‘The Tower of Terror’ as a group, which was hilarious for both students and teachers, and then split into smaller groups and continued to explore the park and its many shops.

The journey back to England mostly consisted of Jurassic Park and Frozen!

Everyone who went on the trip really enjoyed the experiences and had a great time in both Paris and Disneyland!


Recently 35 Year 8 students went to Kingswood over a four day period. Arriving on a cool breezy Friday afternoon, we were all very excited about the upcoming activities that we would take part in and were greeted by our guide, Aaron, who showed us to our dorms.

The first task was to make our beds, which challenged most of us! My favourite activities were outdoor laser tag and aeroball. The food was also very nice, I think everybody enjoyed their meals as Kingswood offered a good variety of food.
We visited Overstrand coast and learnt about the different coastal defenses and their features. Then we made a sand town and had to add rip rap amour, groynes, revetments and many more features.

I would like to thank all our teachers and instructors for making this possible.

By Jacob McKnight



On Wednesday 7 & 14 January, Year 7 students travelled to London to see ‘Cats the Musical’ at the London Palladium. After an early start to the day, the students visited Covent Garden before going to Pineapple Dance Studio to take part in dance workshops held by members of the cast of Cats. Each group were taught a routine from the musical which they would see performed by the professionals that afternoon.

Following a lunch at Pizza Hut, the students made their way to the London Palladium and took their seats ready to see the cast, including Nicole Scherzinger, perform.The students enjoyed the performance, recognising the dance routine they learnt earlier and were ready for the coach ride back to College.










catmose collegePhotos

26 Catmose College students undertook the adventure of a lifetime – a 10 day trip to Ghana to live in a village and help build a new orphanage.

The Eugomont Orphanage was home to 56 children aged from 8 months to 17 years of age. The students were made to feel welcome by the children who readily asked to be held, hugged or played with. Some of our students took balloons to make animals; the children would get a balloon and then run around with it squealing with delight. Two little girls, about 7 years of age, asked if they could try on green dresses that Catmose Primary had donated. I said yes and they quickly put them on over their clothes. They fit. Smiles emerged as they asked how they looked. It was heart breaking to say the least.

To help with the building work our students were asked to Pour the concrete floor which was intense due to the combination of the heat and equipment they had. It was about 33 degrees while the teams shovelled, poured, carried or dragged cement/water/gravel. It was a culture shock, with local knowledge being learned, such as using leaves in the wheel barrel to stop the water from splashing out. They carried water about a quarter of a mile to make the cement and fill water bottles. Also, learning how to make cement without a cement mixer was a challenge, as it took over 40 minutes to mix up one batch of cement to pour. It was hot, sweaty work.

After the work students were given the opportunity to go swimming in the nearby river to get clean, relax and prepare for the next adventure. Venture Force organised a trip to the Mona Monkey Sanctuary where they were able to hand-feed the monkeys bananas. The monkeys would pop down from the trees, sit on theirr hand and then take the banana.

There was also time spent in the weaving village. People of the village make their living from weaving long pieces of fabric which are then sewn together to make traditional clothing. The string length was incredibly long – almost the length of one of our classrooms.

This trip was life changing for the students and the staff. Most of the team want to go back and continue to help, as they know what they can achieve through their dedication and hard work.