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In addition to other careers-related activities, every student in Year 11 has an individual careers meeting. This is an opportunity for students to discuss their plans and receive guidance and support. A plan of action is agreed during the meeting to help students understand the next steps that should be taken.

A Post-16 Evening gives students and parents the opportunity to meet representatives from local sixth forms/colleges and local employers offering apprenticeships. This is an excellent opportunity to find out more about some of the different options available.

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to attend our employer and alumni career talks. The talks give information and guidance about a variety of careers and are arranged throughout the year.

All students attend a CV workshop and are offered guidance and support from local employers. Students are helped to develop their own CV and personal statement which they can use for their Post-16 applications.

Students who wish to find an apprenticeship are offered additional support and can attend a workshop session led by a local apprenticeship advisor.

Students are encouraged to consider taking part in the National Citizen Service programme  which can help to build confidence and leadership skills.

The following careers resources may also be helpful:


Post 16 Financial Support

Colleges and Sixth forms are able to give some students a bursary fund (money to help them stay in education)

Information about financial help can be found on local college/sixth form websites:

Harington School

New College Stamford

BMC (Brooksby Melton College)

Melton Vale

Tresham College


Students may also be able to receive help with transport costs. The help they could receive depends on which county they live in.