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The main aim of the Sports Team at Catmose College is to lay the foundations for a lifelong love of physical activity.  In lessons students study a range of sports from the traditional team games of football and netball to the disability sports of sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball and boccia. This variety provides a fun curriculum and gives all students the opportunity to develop their physical literacy and self – confidence.  By the time students complete Key Stage 3 they should have enhanced cognitive, creative, personal, physical and social abilities.  These are skills which can easily be transferred to other subject areas.

Regardless of the activity taking place teachers work hard to personalise lessons, thus ensuring that every child reaches their potential.  During KS3 students will experience a wide range of innovative teaching methods such as Games for Understanding, Teaching for Creativity and Sport Education.  The emphasis is on allowing individuals to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their learning.  During the year they will get a chance to perform the roles of leader, coach, official, choreographer and many more.

The College boasts a rich and varied Extra – Curricular Physical Education programme, consisting of over 20 activities.  These take place before, during and after College and are well attended.  This is largely down to students having input into what’s on offer.  Our focus sports are football, rugby, netball and volleyball in winter and cricket, rounders and athletics in summer.  All clubs are run by the Sports Team with the help of specialist outside coaches.  With competitions ranging from Inter-House all the way through to Level 3 Regional events, there really is something for everyone.

Having just been crowned Varsity Champions 2012/13, now is a great time to be involved in sport at Catmose College.

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