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To view our policies, please use the links below. If you have difficulty seeing the folders or policies, it may be that you need to update, or install Adobe Reader. This is available as a free download from here. If you continue to have issues viewing the policies, please contact us.

Catmose College specific policies

To view our policies, please use the tables below. By clicking on a policy, it will open in a new window.


Admissions 2017 January 2016
Admissions 2018 January 2017
Admissions 2019 October 2017
Assessment & Reporting June 2017
Behaviour Management June 2017
Curriculum June 2017
ECDL  January 2017
Employers Liability Insurance 2017/18 September 2017
Examinations June 2017
Home College Agreement June 2017
SEND June 2017
Sex Education June 2017
Uniform June 2017


Rutland and District Schools’ Federation Policies

There are policies that affect all organisations within the Federation including those relating to staff, complaints and some statutory ones affecting students. Please click on the link below to access these.

Federation policies