Occupational Therapist Career Talk

As part of our careers programme we invite speakers in to present an assembly to our students about their chosen career paths. Last week students from Harington School and Catmose College attended a career talk by Hayley Winship, an occupational therapist who works for Rutland County Council.

She explained how rewarding a career in occupational therapy can be (OT).

Occupational therapists help a variety of clients with practical tasks. People can be referred for various reasons from being physically disabled, recovering from an illness or operation, have learning disabilities or getting older.

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and can look at all aspects of daily life in your home, school or workplace enabling them to be as independent as possible.

Hayley explained the key qualities of an occupational therapist is to be caring, positive, tactful and patient as well as having good communication skills. They can work alone or as part of a wider team.

There are 2 main career paths to be coming an occupational therapist, either by gaining a degree or an apprenticeship degree, there is also a government bursary to assist with tuition costs. Doing voluntary work in the community or undertaking work experience within the field can enhance applications.

Year 9 student, Bobbi said, “It was interesting because it opened my thoughts on different career paths and I really enjoyed it. It is definitely something that I will think about for my future career”.

Thank you to Hayley for coming in and sharing information about her career with our students.