New Head Students

Congratulations to our new head students Oliver and Bay. We can’t wait to see what they achieve.

Oliver Williams

It is a privilege to be named as Head Student at Catmose. Current circumstances have had great effects on schools worldwide – despite this, it is excellent to see the College’s outstanding ethos not letting this pandemic be detrimental to our education. This shows that Catmose produces students equipped to tackle any situation, which is vital for the future.

I have tasked myself to grasp as many opportunities as possible. Participating in the Youth Speaks competition, the Shakespeare Schools drama performance, completing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and I am currently doing my Silver. Furthermore, I annually represent the school in sports such as football and have competed in athletics. My mathematics scholarship has allowed me to involve myself in work normally taught within the A-level curriculum – building my skillset and providing me with a greater understanding of the subject.

Regardless of your ability, I fully recommend trying a variety of extra-curricular activities as it has benefitted me greatly. Trying something different may find you something new and develop a skill you never knew you possessed; therefore, I will encourage students to get involved in everything there is to offer.  I am thrilled to be in the position I am in and aspire to represent the College in a manner it deserves, enabling new students to have an equally valuable experience.

Baylie Mitchell

I am so grateful to have the chance to represent the College and it’s community as a Head Student. Throughout my time at Catmose, I have had the pleasure of being a part of many extra-curricular activities such as music ensembles, sports clubs and drama performances. I particularly enjoyed participating in the school musical, Sister Act. It really highlighted how the school can collectively and resiliently work together to provide an unforgettable performance. I have taken every opportunity offered to me and I can’t thank the school enough for giving me the confidence and support to do so. The excellent foundations the school is built on provides students with skill sets they can apply not only to further education but for a well-rounded life. At College, I’ve learnt many valuable lessons so far, one being, if you have the motivation to work hard, you will succeed. However, succeeding to me, doesn’t mean achieving the highest awards, it means realising your potential to do something you enjoy. I also want to welcome the new students arriving at Catmose and hope that they will get involved with school life as much as possible.

During my time as Head Student, I will ensure that me and every member of the school continues working together to further improve the learning environment for all.