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Welcome to mathematics at Catmose College. As a core subject in the National Curriculum, mathematics is taught to all students up to GCSE level. The course we deliver ensures that students become independent learners and enjoy success in applying their learning to real life contexts. The mathematics team is committed to combining its traditional and successful classroom based approach to learning with an increasing emphasis on investigations, problem solving and ICT.

Students in year 7 will be taught in mixed ability groups covering levels 3-6. The schemes of work will follow the National Curriculum for key stage 3 and cover such topics as Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measures and Handling Data. Students will be given every opportunity to apply and develop their ICT capability within the mathematics curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop their investigative skills via the Puzzle Club which is incorporated within the electives programme.

The assessment and monitoring of student progress is an essential part of the mathematics course at Catmose College. Students will be tested on a regular basis and given constructive feedback on what they have learnt and what they have to do to reach the next national curriculum level.

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You can download the GCSE Maths information leaflet here.