Catmose College students wrote to Sir Alan Duncan asking for a review of our policy on Climate Change. The feeling of the group was that the plan for reducing our carbon budget to 0% by 2050 is simply too late by 20 years. By this time our planet will be in irreversible decline.

All students were moved by Greta Thunberg’s philosophy, ‘No one is too small to make a difference’. With this in mind, the students met with two teachers to join the Mass Lobby, leaving by train from Oakham. They then walked to Westminster and met a colleague of Sir Alan’s who answered each student’s question.  These ranged from ideas for more sustainable homes to the rapid decline of species diversity. They joined the East Midlands group who were situated South of Westminster and explained their points of view, listening to the government’s current perspective and then adding their own researched perspective.

The students met with other lobbyists, among them: people from religious groups, different charitable organisations such as the Woodland Trust and the WI.  After the political meeting, students went to the lobby headquarters at St John’s, Smith Square to find out more about the impact of Climate Change and to discuss strategies to raise awareness across the country.

It was with a real sense of purpose that these young heroes then walked back along Westminster, through the bustling Trafalgar Square and onto Kings Cross. Ten miles later, but the first step made in a national dialogue, the students re-boarded the train feeling exhilarated that each person had had their say and taken an active part in their democracy. All agreed that this was just a beginning.