Catmose College Library | Catmose College


The Catmose College Library is based at the top of the Hellerup staircase in the heart of the College and provides a wealth of resources available for students to use.

As well as a full range of printed books from fictional to non-fictional, including classics, the Library also offers a great mixture of daily newspapers and up-to-date magazines.

In addition to traditional printed media, the College offers a number of multimedia resources available for student use.

Resources include:

  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Digital Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Portable audio recorders


The College has recently introduced an online version of the Library catalogue. This allows students to view the resources available, as well as make recommendations of what to read next based on previously read books.

You can access this system by clicking here. There is also a free App available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone called ‘iMLS’ – you can download it by searching for iMLS in your chosen App Store.

The Library also stocks a range of stationary that can be purchased throughout the day. Please see below for the list of items available.

Calculator (Sharp EL-W531 – as used within maths department) £7.00 Rulers 15cm  25p
Papermate stick biros (various colours) 15p Quick Stick 50p
Paper mate flexigrip ball point biros (various colours) 65p Compass 40p
Eddings 55 pens (black/blue) 55p Protractors 40p
Highlighters (various colours) 25p Scissors 40p
HB Pencils 15p File Dividers (Set of 5) 40p
Paper mate non-stop pencils 35p Index tabs (pack of 5 colours) £1.40
Pencil sharpener (plastic) 15p Repositionable arrow highlighters (pack of 5 colours) £1.75
Erasers small/large 15p/20p History GCSE Revision Guide £3.00
Padlocks £3.25 Lanyards £1.25
Clear Pencil Cases 50p Exam ready pencil case* £2.00
*Exam ready pencil case comprises; Clear pencil case, black pen, pencil ruler, protractor, compass, eraser, pencil sharpener and ruler.