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In year 7 students will follow the ICT National Strategy. This ensures that all our students have ample opportunities to develop and apply their ICT skills in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Using word processing to produce reports
  • Developing a spreadsheet to model a solution to a problem
  • Creating a database to analyse the results of a survey.
  • Use different presentation packages that are used in the modern world
  • Learn how to create a website that meets a business needs
  • Learn how to use social networking sites and produces blogs in a safe environment
  • Understand how to manipulate graphics\images
  • Learn how to use Computer Aided Design software

Students will also learn how to become a more efficient user of the Internet by refining how you search for information and by the ability to evaluate the validity of Internet sites.

All students at the College will also be encouraged to transfer files between home and College and to make full use of the College Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). All members of the College have their own College email address that can be accessed whenever they are connected to the Internet and students will be encouraged to use this as a means of communicating with their teachers and handing in work.

Across the new College site there are computer suites within each team area. There is also a teaching suite of 112 computers. The Library is also well equipped with computers that can be booked in advance, used after the College day and during lunchtimes.

The College has an extensive network and each student has their own individual identification. The students will be logged on and accessing recommended websites

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You can download the GCSE Computer Science information leafletĀ here.