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Music & Drama

Students who have a talent with music, singing or acting will regularly have the opportunity to perform at events across the year. These performances will involve practice during lunchtimes and after college.

Last year we had a number of exciting trips and performances. To find out more you can download last year’s performing arts calendar here.



We have a rich history of developing individual musical talent at the College. Our Music scholarships encourage students who have a talent for a particular instrument to develop it further. They available for all students to apply for who have instrumental lessons.

There are three tiers of Scholar – Gold, Silver and Bronze. For Gold Scholars, the College will pay 100% of the students’ music fees, for Silver Scholars the subsidy will be 50% and for Bronze Scholars the subsidy will be 25%. To find out more about our scholarship programme read the booklet below.

You can download a copy of the Music Scholarship brochure here.