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Students who have a talent with music or singing will regularly have the opportunity to perform at events across the year. These performances will involve practice during lunchtimes and after college.


We have a rich history of developing individual musical talent at the College. Our Music scholarships encourage students who have a talent for a particular instrument to develop it further. They available for all students to apply for who have instrumental lessons.

There are three tiers of Scholar – Gold, Silver and Bronze. For Gold Scholars, the College will pay 100% of the students’ music fees, for Silver Scholars the subsidy will be 50% and for Bronze Scholars the subsidy will be 25%. To find out more about our scholarship programme read the booklet below.




IMG_2307On 12 March 2015, the Catmose College Brass Ensemble participated in the Kettering Eisteddfod Festival. Experienced adjudicators watched intently as we performed in the competition.

The Brass Ensemble played two pieces, which included ‘Trumpet Tune’ and ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’. After many other performances had taken place, it was time for the awards and out of the Brass section, the Catmose College Brass Ensemble won!

After our fantastic conductor, Mr Donnelly, made us do lots of practising, we had finally won the trophy! However, our enjoyment did not stop there. A few days later, we found out we had won another trophy for the highest mark out of all the performances in the whole competition! So, in the end we achieved two trophies! In our eyes, this was fantastic, especially as they were our first ever trophies!

Stephen Wilson

IMG_2333It is with real pleasure and delight to announce that the Chamber Choir won the ‘Senior School Choir Class’ at the recent Kettering Eisteddfod. This was the second time the choir entered the competition in recent years and the second time they left triumphant. The choir performed two contrasting pieces which wowed the audience and adjudicator. The adjudicator’s summary stated it was ‘a well contrasted, well performed programme from an established and disciplined choir.’ Mr Sammy, Director of Music, stated ‘The chamber choir were worthy winners and the distinction mark reflected the hard work every student placed into the rehearsals and overall performance. A stunning achievement all round.’





catmose collegeMARKET PERFORMANCE – 18 MAY 2013

On the morning of Saturday 18 May, Mr Barlow, accompanied by 7 Catmose College students went down to the Farmers Market on Gaol Street in Oakham to perform a variety of pieces to the passing shoppers. These included: solos by Nirvana Allis, Georgina Harries and myself, a trio performance of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by Georgina Harries and myself with Spencer Green on guitar, some old classics on the ukulele by Mia Lynch and her Dad, and a flute performance by Eleanor Firth and Olivia Tinkler. It was well received and Oakham Town Partnership sent their thanks, showing interest in us performing again sometime in the future. – Natalie Hall 10S


catmose collegeKETTERING MUSIC FESTIVAL – 15 MARCH 2013

On Friday 15 March, the Catmose College Junior and Chamber Choirs attended the annual Eisteddfod Music Competition in Kettering.

The Junior Choir sang two songs: ‘You’ll be in my heart’ from the film Tarzan and ‘What a wonderful world’. Both songs were performed with energy and enthusiasm and the adjudicator commented on how the harmonies ‘were strong with an overall confident sound’. The Junior Choir achieved an overall 2nd place, being pipped to 1st by just 1 mark.

The Chamber Choir performed two contrasting pieces: the first, a composition by staff member Mr Barlow entitled ‘Never/ Always’. The adjudicator commented on the ‘controlled and well blended wall of sound which was evident’. Special mention was made to the soloists: Megan Spencer (Yr11), Nirvana Allis (Yr11) and Charlie Watt (Yr10).

The second piece, entitled ‘Ave Verum’, produced a beautiful contrast to the opening song exhibiting the diversity of the Chamber Choir.

With such strong performances, the Chamber Choir won the ‘Rosemary Leonard Challenge Shield’ for the Best Outstanding Senior Choir.

The adjudicator was extremely complimentary with her feedback highlighting many aspects of praise. Her final words were ‘An emotional and engaging performance’.
Principal, Stuart Williams, comments: ‘Led by Music Director Matt Sammy, music has always been very strong at Catmose College. Students musical passions are encouraged and when entered into competitions such as this, the level of skill is clearly apparent. Well done to all involved, this was a very worthy win.’



On Wednesday 12 December, over 100 students took part in the annual Catmose College Christmas Concert. The concert was held at All Saints Church in the centre of Oakham and around 300 visitors came to watch the students perform in a variety of festive items, including both music and drama. The evening started with the Chamber Choir performing a stunning rendition of Silent Night. The three soloists were Georgina Harries, Nirvana Allis and Abigail Pearse. Congratulations go to Sophia Frost who conducted the Choir for the very first time. Matthew Pearse opened up the first Christmas carol with a heart-warming solo of Once in Royal David’s City. Matthew performed with true professionalism. The Choir and Orchestra led the congregation throughout the evening in the various Christmas carols. During the evening, 17 drama students performed three Christmas pieces. The first ‘Away with the Manger’ included all the cast and was narrated confidently by Tilly Hall and Nicole Cox. Baa-ing Uncertainties looked at the birth of Christ from the perspective of two sheep (energetically played by Chloe Bullough and Sian Willard). The last piece ‘Bethlehemian Rhapsody’ re-told the Nativity story to the music of Queen! All of the drama pieces were received with much enthusiasm. The ensembles (Reed, Flute, Recorder and Jazz) also contributed wonderfully throughout the evening to ensure the Christmas Concert 2012 was a memorable one! Special thanks goes to Billy Hunt and Poppy Spencer (Head Boy and Head Girl) who compered the evening beautifully.

Below is the programme which was used for the Christmas Concert.

Click here for a PDF version.

Photos can be viewed here

Our Makewaves reporters took coverage of the event, their short films can be viewed here, below is an example.