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The College Drama department organise regular small performances and annually a larger performance involving our students. To perform in these shows will involve afterschool and lunchtime rehearsals.



Future performances will appear here in the new academic year.



YEAR 7 ‘CATS’ – MARCH 2015




30 MARCH –  2 APRIL 2014


The performance of Beauty and The Beast captured the audience’s imagination, taking them on a journey where two strangers find themselves drawn to each other in a magical love story. 13 year old Katie Marshall, who plays Belle, said “ever since I joined Catmose College, I really wanted to play a lead part in a musical. I have always been passionate about musical theatre and to be given the role of Belle is a dream come true!” Beast was performed by Will Cregan, who said “I was so pleased when I found out that I was chosen to play the character of Beast. Drama is my favourite subject and this production has been a great experience for me and my fellow actors. It has been a privilege to play one of the lead characters.”

Beauty and the Beast Programme.indd

Students have been involved with all aspects of the performance, from acting and choreography to set design, props, sound and lighting. Overall, in excess of 100 students have been involved with the musical, with the cast being made up of students from Years 8 and 9. Year 11 Student, Natalie Hall, 16, was part of the choreography team and explained “I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience; sharing my passion for dance with younger students has been great and I will take this experience with me through life.”
The students’ passion for singing, dancing and acting couldn’t have been more apparent than when they were performing all of the favourite songs from the Disney cartoon, including ‘Gaston’, ‘Be our Guest’, ‘Something There’ and the title song, ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Stuart Williams, Principal, commented “it is astounding to watch our students perform to such a high standard and it is great to see so many take part both front and back of house. We are also very fortunate to have so many staff who give so much of their own time to make these shows happen.”

“We have been privileged to work with such a committed group of lead actors who have done a fantastic job at bringing their characters to life” added Leanne Mitchell, Director of Drama.

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catmose collegeSCHOOLS WILL ROCK YOU

7 – 8, & 10 – 11 JULY


A cast of 170 students performed on three evenings and one matinee. We were lucky to get an audience for our first performance on Sunday afternoon as it clashed with the Wimbledon Final but they still came. We were sold out for the three evening performances and the audiences were keen to join in when they could. On our last performance the cast were pleased to receive two standing ovations for all of their hard work and exceptional performances. The lead roles were superb in their singing and acting, leading us through the story with their unique characterisation, comic timing and strength in their singing (some very challenging songs). The Core dancers playing the Super Yuppies danced around the Killer Queen with precision and energy. Poppy Spencer, Grace Price, Francesca Kennard-Kettle and Tilly Hall did an amazing job creating the choreography for all of the cast. The Bohemians brought style to the stage in their scenes through their costumes and dancing. The chorus sang with gusto to all of their songs and danced some tricky steps to create a formidable image on stage.

Behind the scenes was a backstage and technical crew running all of the set changes as well as the sound and lighting. The technical support provided by James Macdonald and Daniel Bond brought creativity and experience to the sound and lighting which added an enormous amount to the sound and visual effects in the performance.

The band, made up mainly of students, led all of the songs skilfully and was headed up by Matt Sammy and James Barlow. Marcus Houghton played the incredible guitar solos accompanied by Tom Law and Will Alexander led on the keyboard. Thanks to Andrew Parsons and Mel Potts for their support with the performance and to the many other staff and parents who supported the students before and during this very successful production.


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catmose collegeCHRISTMAS PLAY

10 DECEMBER 2012


On Monday 10 December the year 10 GCSE Drama group performed their play ‘Christmose College’ to over 400 pupils from the local Primary schools. The drama students had been working on their performance over the past few weeks, brainstorming ideas and creating a play on a Christmas theme. All of the students created their own roles, sourced their costumes and worked together to produce a very entertaining play. James Carter as Old Santa and Francesca Kennard-Kettle as Old Mrs Claus narrated the play. As they looked back at their old College yearbook, memories of how they first met were shown at Christmose College. Charlie Watt played Young Santa, Amber Goddard Young Mrs Claus and the rest of the cast played teachers (Scrooge, The Grinch & Fairy) and students (Reindeer, Easter Bunny, Elves, Christmas trees & Geeks) at the College. Everyone enjoyed the play and some of the audience even had a go at chocolate tasting! Well done to all of the year 10 drama students for a fantastic performance.




7 – 14 JULY 2012


On Saturday 7 July at 11:30am, 36 students and 4 members of staff travelled to Lake Garda, Italy for a week’s performing Arts tour. They performed at different outdoor venues including Bussolengo and Verona. They were also involved in a flash mob and visited various tourist attractions in the area.





4 JULY 2012


Students from the Performing Arts Tour showed their repertoire of performance. To start with the whole cast sung and played two choral pieces; ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ followed by ‘O Happy Day’. The evening continued with the students performing dance, music and drama. Sophie Worrall and Chloe Berridge sang ‘Keep Holding On’, Elle Taylor and Megan Spencer sang ‘Run’ and Francesca Kennard-Kettle performed a piano solo. One of the highlights of the evening was a dramatic ‘Olympic piece’ which began with the lighting of the Olympic flame, the three Olympic values; Respect, Excellence and Friendship followed by different sports including boxing, volleyball, swimming, javelin, horse jumping and running. This was all done in mime with a mix of music creating the atmosphere of the piece. The whole evening finished with ‘The Royal Stomp’ – a percussive rhythm piece involving brooms, chairs, bins, teacups, basketballs, body percussion and the royal family!




4 JULY 2012

On Wednesday 4 July students from Catmose College celebrated their talent with an evening of performance for an audience of over 100 people. The evening started with year 7 performing their Mystery play. This was written and directed by Cara Smithson (Year 10). Year 7 auditioned for their roles and worked on this performance for two terms. This play was extremely well written and gave the opportunity for all of the students to shine. It was great to see the confidence and energy of these young actors and they created an effective performance in a short amount of time.




APRIL 2012


Eighteen students took part in the festival involving Solo acting, Duologues and Group pieces. Rohan Mehra won first place in the Junior Solo acting class with his performance as Sebastian from ‘Twelfth Night’. The Adjudicator was impressed by Rohan’s eloquent delivery, confident stage presence and the challenge of taking on such a demanding role. Chloe Booth came second place in the same class with her very lively performance of Violet Beauregarde from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’. Indira Carter and Jessica Curtis, Jo Geraghty and Lucy Hinch performed their duologues confidently showing a real potential in their acting. In the Senior Solo acting class both Amber Goddard and Jordon Poole wowed the audience as they brought loads of energy to the stage with their characters. Will Kettle and Cara Smithson brought sensitivity to their scenes with characters that portrayed more serious situations. All of the duologues in the Senior class were both sensitive and dramatic and drew the audience in with their confident character portrayals. Lastly, Seb, Jordon and Gianluca performed an extract from ‘Blood Brothers’ for their group piece. They were commended for their energy on stage and the ability to portray children much younger than themselves (7 years old!).




22 MARCH 2012


Students from year 8 and year 9 entertained a packed audience at the College for a performance of Alice in Wonderland Jnr, based on the popular Lewis Caroll novels, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and the 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Jnr was the perfect choice of musical for the year 8 and 9 performance. With over 100 students in the cast and with the talent being so high it was not an easy task for director of drama, Leanne Mitchell and director of music, Matt Sammy, to cast the many roles.

With a talented cast in spectacular costumes, Alice in Wonderland took the audience on a journey into a magical world of the wonderland characters as they watched Alice as she ponders the question Whooooo are youuuuu?

Three students played the role of Alice; Louisa Orchard played Alice. Tall Alice was played by Francesca Kennard-Kettle and Small Alice by Tilly Hall. All of the girls were thrilled to be cast in such a key role and found it to be a brilliant experience.

Stuart Williams, Principal said, “I watched the performance with my family on Sunday afternoon and was very proud to see such wonderful talent on display. I know how much hard work has gone into making Alice in Wonderland Jnr such a good show and all involved, whether front stage or backstage, are to be congratulated”.

The show was performed over three evenings, however the entertainment started on Sunday afternoon with a hat parade for children to show off their amazing creations.


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