EXAMINATION RESULTS 2017 | Catmose College



Catmose College is celebrating the success of students’ performance in their GCSE examinations. In a year that has seen the introduction of more challenging courses in English and Maths the College has over 80% of students, achieving good passes in both subjects, which is a further improvement on the results of last year.

With increasing numbers of students going on to study the most academic A levels they leave themselves well placed to do exceptionally well in the next stage of their education. 47 students leave with 5 A or A* (or 7, 8 and 9) grades and 20 of these students gained at least 8 A or A* grades, these were:

Anand Raghavan, Joseph Halford, Jamie Robertson, Emily Simons, Amelia Seymour, Emily Lemon, Luke Wadding, Emily Broughton, Rhiannon Clark, Lauren Gear, Hannah Seymour, Holly Tyler, Isabel Orchard, Lydia Harris, Aileen Moloney, Eve Orton, Jack Humble, Charlie Black, Holly Imison, Sebastian Morris-Geary

The Principal, Stuart Williams said “These results are a testament to the hard work of Catmose  students and the staff who have supported them through their time at the College. Exceptional achievements of this nature do not happen by accident, they have required commitment and dedication over many years to achieve.  It is not only what goes on in the classroom that makes Catmose so successful, an equally important contribution are the additional activities such as in Sport, Music, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, foreign exchanges to Germany, Spain and France which ensure that our students attain well but are well rounded resilient characters ready for whatever next steps they take.”