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Welcome to the English department at Catmose College. The English team has a real passion, drive and motivation for all students to achieve a first-hand insight into the exciting challenge and enrichment that English studies has to offer them.

A key focus that we really encourage and foster is for the students to enjoy reading for pleasure. To quote Alan Bennett , “A book is a device to ignite the imagination.”

Dedicated reading time is carried out in lessons. Each student monitors how many books they have read over a term and is rewarded house points dependant on the number read. They are encouraged to discuss the books they have enjoyed and offer critical opinions. For those who cannot put a book down, there are reading book groups that run at lunchtime and after school to foster their appetite for reading.

The Key Stage 3 English curriculum delivery for Years 7, 8 and 9 is enriching, versatile and engaging. We ensure that literacy, reading, comprehension and writing skills are taught in a dynamic and interactive way through our successful schemes and units. Students who need extra help and guidance on specific literacy skills can be placed in small intervention groups. These students are identified by a range of data and in consultation with the Learning Support department

Throughout the academic year in English, we have a vast array of competitions, author and poet workshops and educational trips. One particular competition is a team focused competition for the Year 8 students – ‘Reading Group Project’. For this competition, over the space of a term, groups of students will study a novel in small groups. They will go on to deliver a presentation and dramatic piece based on the novel. Prizes and house points are awarded for the best presentation and dramatic piece. Additionally, authors and poets deliver workshops to our budding poets/writers to inspire and bring out their creative and imaginative talents. Another successful venture in English is our yearly Key Stage 3 spellings bees, a number of students compete against each other to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. Furthermore we like to bring the outside world into the classroom with a variety of educational trips. Here are but a few of the trips that we offer: the Year 7s visit a Victorian Work House as part of the study unit of ‘Oliver Twist’; the Year 8s visit the historical site of the ‘Battle of Bosworth’ when they study Shakespeare’s Richard III and lastly the Year 9s get the opportunity to visit Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford Upon Avon and watch a live performance at the RSC.

English is an important part of the curriculum; we aim for all students to progress accordingly; to flourish individually and in groups and to fine tune their skills on their educational journey.

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You can download the GCSE English information leaflet here.