Client Services is the heart of the College pastoral care and the central hub where students can go should they have any concerns or worries. The Client Services team are all experienced in supporting students, whether their needs are medical, welfare or behavioural.

The team will take on the role of key worker for individuals whose behaviour is preventing them and others from being able to work well in lessons or at other times during the day. A key worker becomes the single point of contact for a student. They will meet with students every day to review their progress and ensure that the additional support for students is making a difference. Key workers work closely with home and teachers to ensure that there is a coherent approach to supporting students with the aim over a period of 6 to 12 weeks of gradually reducing the support needed as behaviour and progress improves. The key workers will put in place a range of bespoke support to address issues which is likely to include a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) which offers further support to students by advising teachers and parents of the best approach to support them. They are also able to access additional support including offering cognitive behaviour support (thinking about how you behave and how to modify your response), mentors, and when necessary external support through social services or other agencies.

Matt Sammy

Senior Assistant Principal
(Pastoral Manager)

Matt has been at the College since 2009 where he commenced his role as Director of Music. In 2015, Matt moved to the role of Pastoral Manager to lead the Client Services team. Matt’s key roles include behaviour management, welfare and deputy DSL. As Senior Assistant Principal, Matt ensures students thrive at the College, assisting with any barriers they may have to their education through various forms of pastoral care support. Additionally, Matt regularly visits schools to assess and quality assure their systems on behaviour management; this enables Matt to have a sharp focus to the systems and procedures here at Catmose. Matt is accredited with the Professional Qualification for School Inspectors and has been approached to have aspects of his MA work published to support school leaders with behaviour management.

Ian Bartlett


Assistant Pastoral Manager

Ian Bartlett served 23 years in the Army, performing many roles from academic and military training to senior business and logistics management roles. After leaving service, he was a Senior Business Transformation Consultant for a major engineering and logistics management company, before becoming a General Manager for one of the world’s largest third party logistics organisations. Nearly 7 years ago, he made the decision to branch out into teaching to further develop the skills and academic level explored and attained during his military service. Ian stepped up from teaching English in 2018 to become the Assistant Pastoral Manager. This was a natural progression given that all of his roles over the years have revolved around the development, training and welfare of those in his team.

Valda Austin

Deputy DSL (Safeguarding) & Admissions Manager

Valda joined Catmose College in March 2007 as a Clerical Assistant and has held a number of positions until being appointed as the Admissions Manager and one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads. Catmose College is the second school in which has worked, having moved from Hertfordshire to Rutland and finds the education sector hugely rewarding. Although not a member of the teaching staff, Valda is deeply passionate about the education of children and believes that learning is not confined to the classroom.  Valda fully embraces the ethos of Catmose College; encouraging and supporting young people to develop emotional resilience to give them a sense of personal achievement and self-confidence.  This will, in turn, support their academic learning in the classroom to reach their full potential.

Helen Petterson

BA Hons, Grad IPM, Cert in Counselling

Client Services Adviser (Medical, Social Skills, 1:1 CBS)

Prior to joining Catmose College, Helen previously worked in several HR roles in London and the North-East, and was a Tutor at Durham University before having 4 children and living abroad.  Helen has worked at Catmose College since 2006 in a number of roles.  When the Client Services Team was established, Helen moved into her current role as a Client Services Advisor.  Helen takes a lead on medical issues, particularly for those students who have serious medical problems.  In addition, she is a key worker for specific students and provides support to students with concerns, including behavioural issues.

David Savage

MIExE, ACMI, Eng Tech, AMSOE, IPlantE

Client Services Adviser (Service Children, Data Analysis)

Prior to joining Catmose College, David served for 28 years in the Royal Air Force as a Weapons Technician and Bomb Disposal Officer. During the latter part of his career, David was an instructor and course facilitator at the Royal School of Military Engineering. David joined the Client Services Team in May 2017, as a Client Services Advisor. David supports students with issues that may affect their learning, including behaviour, welfare and health.

Catmose College has a number of service students (Kendrew Barracks, St George’s Barracks and RAF Wittering) whose families have a high level of mobility and deployment. We work in an effective partnership with the Armed Forces, and the Local Authority, to ensure the service students receive a high level of quality transition and learning, on entry to the College, and with on-going support.

We receive Service Pupil Premium funding for our service children, the spending whilst at the College’s discretion is in accordance with government policy. David acts as our Service Children’s liaison officer, his Service career gives him an insight into the impact that Service life can have on our students and their families.

Catherine Thomas

Client Services Adviser (Mental Health,
1:1 CBS, Early Help)

Catherine has worked in pastoral care within an educational setting for 16 years. Prior to joining Catmose College in 2016 she worked as a Year Manager for 5 years in a secondary school in Derby, overseeing the attendance, behaviour and pastoral support for a specific year group. Catherine’s role within Client Services includes supporting students with mental health concerns, being a key worker for identified students, supporting with behaviour management, links with the Early Help team and other outside agencies making referrals to provide targeted intervention and support.  Catherine is qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and is currently undertaking a Level 5 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course to help provide further support to students at Catmose.

Carole Skinner

Client Services Receptionist (Attendance)

Carole is an integral member of the Client Services team. One of Carole’s key roles is managing the College attendance on a daily basis. The careful attention to detail allows the effective running of the College, to ensure all students are safe and accounted for. The Client Services office can be extremely busy at times; however, Carole balances all aspects that come her way as front of house. This includes, dealing with sick students, staff and parental enquiries, as well as general day-to-day aspects. Therefore, if you contact Client Services, it will usually be Carole answering your call. Another key role enables Carole to provide effective support to the Electives Lead by co-ordinating with external partners, dealing with registers and risk assessments.