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Each March, we take part in the annual News Day with BBC News School Report. This project gives our students the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. Using lesson plans and materials from the website, and with support from BBC staff and partners, we help our students to develop their journalistic skills to become School Reporters. Their video, audio and text-based news reports, are published on our College website, to which the BBC link.


On 10 March students from Catmose College took part in the BBC School News Report, this is the BBC School Report’s 10th annual day. Around 30,000 School Reporters at more than 1,000 schools around the UK took part. During the day the students learn about how to create a BBC news broadcast, from writing scripts and keeping up with the latest stories to interviewing and filming.

Interview topics at Catmose College ranged from ‘should you support your local sports team over the glory teams’, keeping fit using smart bracelets or apps, vLoggers, interview with a student who has been involved with BBC School News Report for 5 years and a look back over our 7 years of involvement and also included a local weather update.

Working to a tight deadline the students managed to finish the report off by the cut off time and their work can be seen here. Well done to all involved

Students were also interviewed by Rob Persani from Rutland Radio, you can listen to the interview HERE.

It was also BBC News School Report’s 10th Anniversary and they created a special documentary celebrating the 20 years of the project.  Back on Newsday in 2014, former Catmose College student, Alice Tatlow created quite a stir when during a visit to the Department of Education and an interview with Michael Gove, she asked him to rap. To the amazement of everyone present, he then performed part of Wham Rap. At the time, this footage was featured on the main news programmes, written about in most newspapers, bot h in print and online, and it ended up trending on Facebook. The documentary featuring Alice can be seen here.



Our students recently took part in the annual BBC School Report Day. During the day the students learn about how to create a BBC news broadcast from writing scripts and keeping up with the latest stories to interviewing and filming.

School Report Certificate of Participation 2014-15-2



At the end of January, Rutland experienced an earthquake and the media team spoke to various news crews about their experiences and heard from Paul Denton, a member of the British Geological Survey. Below is footage from BBC East Midlands Today featuring some of our students being interviewed about the earthquake experience and also photos from the day. You can also read a report from the students by clicking here.


During terms 3 and 4, 11 students have worked on BBC News School Report as part of their electives. As well as writing their version of today’s news, they have also created news packages regarding issues that have interested them. These have included the use of computer games like Minecraft for educational purposes and the importance of our friends and neighbours.

On Tuesday 19 March, our team were given the opportunity to work with Jon Ozanne from BBC News School Report on a piece of research regarding making Shakespeare fun. They took part in a workshop regarding Shakespearean’s portrayal of  Richard III in the grounds of Leicester Cathedral. This was just across the road from the actual site where the Kind Richard III’s bones were found. Our reporters had the opportunity to interview two archaeologists from Leicester University; Richard Buckley, lead archaeologist and Matthew Morris, the archaeologist who actually uncovered the bones in the first trench. These interviews can be seen below.




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